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Hypnosis/Medical Please help my son!

I was a teacher and instructor of hypnosis in Dallas at Fun Ed Learning Center location plus seeing people who called on me for private self hypnosis sessions for fifteen years. Many students passed from one of my classes to another. I was in the spotlight of acceptance by medical professionals because I was an instructor/trainer of many classes in hypnosis and was also teaching at the Learning Annex. It was a time when "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" and "DOS Computer Classes" were popular at the Fun Ed Learning Center and I was the only instructor teaching classes each month on positive thinking and changing your life.

It was Sunday Morning when I got a call from a doctor at a Dallas Hospital seeking my services. This was not the usual call.The doctor was helping a family and explained that the father of a young patient in his care had asked him to please ask me to come and help his son. The doctor went on to say that the father had taken my classes in hypnosis and believed I could help his son calm down. He went on to explain that he knew who I was but that this was not normal and he had to approve the visit and that is why a nurse or staff would be in the room with me at all times. The eleven year old was stressed and emotionally upset and yet the tests showed nothing wrong. He agreed to contact me and I agreed to visit that afternoon.

The medical side of the situation showed the boy was doing well on paper but he was flip flopping in his bed whenever staff entered the room. The doctor explained that the family believes the son carries the sins of the father and that the father had told the son this over and over again and the boy thinks he will die. With that piece of information I knew what I had to do for him. I stopped at the grocery store about noon and picked up a get well helium balloon with a bright red long ribbon attached and I looked around for something with weight to attach to the ribbon, there was a baseball card in a wrapper and I already had a safety pin in my purse so I had my tools to get the boy's attention on something that was positive. He had already been programmed to fear the sins of the father as a belief in the family culture. My goal was to break and detour the boys thinking and make positive suggestions with the power of the spoken word.

Reaching the hospital I entered where I was told to meet staff and was escorted to the room. I spoke with the doctor and was told I was needed to help the boy feel safe. The father didn't want his son on calming medications so I was called.

I entered the boy's room with a nurse who stood back and watched by the door quietly.

"Hi there" I said is a soft voice as I walked over and sat in a chair by his bed. He moaned and acted sick but his eyes glanced to my eyes and to this big balloon. He was already distracted by my presence and that was good. His fast flip flopping in bed and loud moans were already changing with a pause here and there as I spoke softly, words of calm. I took a deep breath and sighed letting the breath go and smiled. He automatically took a deep breath and let it go. He was responding to my words and my actions. Little by little with eyes glancing at me from time to time he was listening and wondering about the balloon. My first goal was to relax him enough to want to listen to my words. Within five minutes he was not concerned so much with himself flip flopping but me and the baseball card I was holding.

Now the Boy had relaxed some and I had his attention enough to tell him I was going to prick the balloon. I wanted his attention. "Look" I said, "now the ribbon will slowly come down so you must keep and eye on it" and he nodded his head yes!

"Watch me carefully" I suggested as I pricked the balloon a few times and released it from my hand. "See it will float to the ceiling, but when the ribbon touches the floor with the baseball card you will be healed. Tomorrow you will be happy and remember you are going to grow up healthy and strong" and then he actually took his own relaxed breath then I touched his head brushing back his thick black hair and told him his angels were all keeping him safe and keeping his mother and father safe from anything in the past. He was now focused on the healing suggestion. He was relaxed instead of stiff and jerking about. He was smiling and looking up towards the balloon and

glanced at me with wonder like I was his teacher in school.

I told him to keep the watch on our project because I had to leave and help someone else and he said "OK" with big alert eyes. He probably

thought I was another doctor doing something that worked for him.

Either way this young man was healed with the power of the spoken words from Psychic Hypnotherapist and Fun Ed Instructor Sandy Winnette.

In the hall staff was waiting, I was handed a red envelope and told thank you from the parents and I was escorted out of the building. I have no doubt that everyone involved never forgot the experience and especially the boy who is now a man. The boy's healing actually began when his father came to class and learned forgiving himself would mean his son didn't need to suffer because of him.

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