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Tarot cards do not simply tell your fortune,  The cards are meant to provide insight into the innermost truths of your higher self providing an evolved awareness of what you already know deep within

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Tarot was a career that has taken me a long way .. 


This photo was taken at a huge event in the

1980's, I was always at events of some kind.

I worked Country Connection on NW Hwy every

weekend. There was a line of people waiting for me

when I walked in the door. I did my own calling

around to events and ask them if I could work

there because it was entertainment for people

that were already there. I was always busy making

money and I was not worried about the sound of

music in the background because I already knew

I would have to have a pedestal table so I could stand up next to the person sitting down and talk

into them close by thier ear.   That is how that is done! Nobody told me anything, I just knew intuitively. I have often thought I was born do all of this because I never took a lesson. I had a boost when I put a small add in the Denton Newspaper telling people I was offering Tarot house parties!  My phone rang off the wall. That was just crazy fun, because it was just an idea I decided to try.

 I booked my first house party was successful. Newspapers back in that day wrote big articles about what I was doing and it launced my career even more.  I have collected those newspapers over the years. So if you want to be a reader?  You have to allow yourself to be public. You have to trust yourself and follow what you are feeling.

Read this and remember it because I am writing it for you. 

My tarot cards came from a mark down sale and I did not purchase them looking for anything. I took a large box home and sat on the floor and opened the Tarot Box. I was surprised to find one hand held deck of card. Somewhat shocked there was not aything else, no instructions or anything.  

Over the next couple of months I found myself studing the art work of the tarot. I focused on the Major Arcana and without hesitation I knew things and would get ideas and knew I had to listen to my own thoughts. Owners like Bill from Fun Ed Learning Center and staff opened this amazing adult contunied education location in Dallas and asked me if I would create metaphysical classes for them because new customers had asked about hypnosis and tarot and Auras so I said Yes! 

This was another new beginning in my career that lasted fourteen years with me as an instructor of four classes each month.  This experience launced other career options. Doctore, therapist and all professional career minded wanted to take my classes and follow up getting private sessions. Story after story from night clubs and wellness expos to psychic fairs and  and other speaking situations it was a very busy time.  I view that every person I meet on this journey is a page in my book of life, and I in yours. 
Past Lives, Hypnosis/Self Hypnosis, Tarot Beginners and Advaned to Know Your Aura.

This was only the beginning!

The photo of me and tarot on this part of my story was taken while working an event. It was not uncommon for guest to take pictures and I was mailed this picture. 

Time was passing and internet was the new age we all talked about. Everyone felt a big change was going to take place several years before
Dos computer classes came to Fun Ed Learing Center. 

Fun Ed wrote me this letter two years after I was asked to create these classes.

Meeting Sandy 

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