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Sandy Winnette is an intuitive dreamer

and she would not change a thing.
Clippings and pictures of her career. Classes at Fun Ed Learning Center and The Learning Annex. Speaking Presenter Charter Hospital.
Chapel of the Bells weddings and events. 


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Cathy Scofield

editor of psychic material.Cathy lived in North Dekota.  Sandy lived in Texas. Cathy and Sandy had never met until... Sandy's dream.

Read our story and decide for yourself. 

Cathy is the actual snow angel on the cover of the first snow angel book. She made the angel in the snow and emailed it to Sandy


sandy at chapel of the bells.JPG

 Clippings From Career

Newspaper artical about Sandy
Fun Ed Tarot Class_edited.jpg
Garland Comunity Hospital_edited.jpg
Learning Annex_edited_edited.jpg

Fun Ed Learning Center Contuined E

Psychic Fair_edited.jpg
gypsy photo 1986_edited.jpg

Parties on location were popular before internet. I did my own marketing and worked Country Connection and many night clubs over the years. This picture was taken 1986 Downtown Fort Worth BIG Event at the Historcal Thistle hill.  We all know the hill is well known for the staircase. I was at the room at the top of the stairs and people lined the staircase all night sitting on the stairs in grand dress atire, dancing and talking till each and everyone got a reading...  Amazing!

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