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Mom, if we move to another planet some day will I see snow?

Well, if the solar winds blow water and ice from the rings of Saturn, there will be water in space, and space is very cold so...

I say the answer is YES! 

It's A Snow Angel Christmas - Karizma J
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It's A Snow Angel Christmas

Sandy Winnette is the author of stories and songs. She wrote for Totline Press /Piggy Back Song Books. 

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Little Beth and The Snow Angel
A Snow Angel Storybook 
by Sandy Winnette

"I wish tonight,with all my might, let my

Snow Angel Come To Life."

This Precious Holiday Story Book
Has Snow Angel 
Sing-A-Long Songs

in the back, including:
Rain and Snow

Santa Claus

Mac The Mouse and Cheese
Tea Party Jingles

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Snow All Day - Mason Waldrep
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Additional Books


In The Heart of the Forest  $15.00

The Story of Little Beth and her Snow Angel traveling through the seasons

Fun and adventure for all..

The Christmas Naughty Letter!  $15.00

The Story of a young boy and his father and One Stinker pretending to be Santa.

This Story will Melt Your Heart!

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Blow Like The Wind - Mason Waldrep
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Nutrition Sing - Along - Karizma J
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The snow angel changes with the seasons. 
It's Your Birthday, Celebrate!
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