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Little Beth and The Snow Angel
A Snow Angel Storybook 
by Sandy Winnette

"I wish tonight,with all my might, let my

Snow Angel Come To Life."

Snow Angel Cover II small size copy.jpg

It's A Snow Angel Christmas

This Precious Holiday Story Book
Has Snow Angel 
Sing-A-Long Songs

in the back, including:
Rain and Snow

Santa Claus

Mac The Mouse and Cheese
Tea Party Jingles

It's A Snow Angel Christmas - Karizma J
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Buy the Holiday Package

Which include This book signed by Author Sandy Winnette

and the Children's Sing-a-Long CD
Holiday Package Price

$35.00 (includes shipping)

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A Snow Angel Story Book  $15.00

This is the original

winter holiday adventure.

An inspirational children's 

book for all ages.

This is for the book only does not include any of the Holiday Package features

Snow Angel Cover II small size copy.jpg
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Additional Books


In The Heart of the Forest  $15.00

The Story of Little Beth and her Snow Angel traveling through the seasons

Fun and adventure for all..

The Christmas Naughty Letter!  $15.00

The Story of a young boy and his father and One Stinker pretending to be Santa.

This Story will Melt Your Heart!

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Snow All Day - Mason Waldrep
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Its A Snow Angel Christmas
Sing Along With Me!

Blow Like The Wind - Mason Waldrep
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Nutrition Sing - Along - Karizma J
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