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I was contacted by companies both large and small to teach classes. That launched me into life as an instructor.

Amazing! I created these successful classes and had never taken a class myself. 

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Lottery Article

My tarot reading career turned into house parties and local clubs, fairs and invitations to speak on psychic ability in Dallas. Doctors and nurses were soon 
Interested in hearing what I had to say on personality disorders.(read above) This opened the door .. to more before internet arrived. I had clients that wanted me to work with medical. What a grand learning experience for all of us.. 


The news loved me and that kept me popular at psychic fairs. I worked at the late John Catching's fair and The Dallas Psychic Fair for many years as # 1 reader for years.

The internet launched me into the modern world and I started working for the original psychic phoneline company.  Predictions and relationships filled my years and to this day I still work the phone lines 

Working the Phone Lines
Article by Sandy Winnette
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Dreams of Saturn

Water on the Moon


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