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It started
with a
Deck of Cards

Fun Ed Classes

After purchasing a deck of Tarot cards with no instructions off a markdown table and teaching myself to read them. I placed a small ad in the newspaper to do Tarot House Parties.  My phone rang and a career was launched. 

The Learning Annex


I was contacted by companies both large and small to teach classes. That launched me into life as an instructor.

Amazing! I created these successful classes and had never taken a class myself. 

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Lottery Article

The news loved me and that kept me popular at psychic fairs. I worked at John Catching's fair and The Dallas Psychic Fair for many years. There were several articles in local newspapers covering various topics over the years.

Building a

Working for
a Living

The internet launched me into the modern world and I started working for the original psychic phoneline company.  Predictions and relationships filled my years and to this day I still work the phone lines 

Working the Phone Lines
Article by Sandy Winnette
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Dreams of Saturn

Water on the Moon


Learn about
my Dreams

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