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Of Saturn

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Such has been my experience over and over again. On this page you can listen to and read what I have experienced. My dreams often come true in one way or another.  From dreams of family members passing to a dream of traveling and seeing a tornado.

Such is life when you live in the future half of the time, and wake on earth knowing what is ahead.

This is the space in the middle, the dream world 

Snow Angels are Amazing

I love waking from amazing dreams and adventures.

I woke from a beautiful dream, made coffee and proceeded to share it with my husband. I told him of snow falling and someone making a snow angel. As I watched the snow angel it suddenly came to life.....I woke up.  I could not get the dream out of my head. My husband said it would make a great book. So I began to write, it was like the story was alive. Then I had a dream about finding an editor.  In the dream I saw a lady with full hair walking towards me looking around. Then, on vacation, I  boarded a plane and took my seat. A lady was walking down the aisle. It was the lady from my dream. She sat down in the seat next to me. Once we were in the air  I leaned across the seat between us and told her - I had a dream about a lady who looks like you, she was the editor of my book. She had been reading, she took off her glasses and told me she was an editor and had just edited a psychic friend's book. At that point we both knew the universe had put us together. 

                  AMAZING .                                    

Buy a copy of the original Snow Angel story

Cathy, the editor of my story, also created the original

snow angel for the book cover. Sadly she passed in 2017

after 11 years of working with me on the stories and becoming my best friend.

Side Note



Planning a road trip from Texas to Iowa where my husband Jim is from.  Days passed and I dreamt of roads, storms and rain, we were in the car.  It was so real.  In my dream there was a tornado close to the car and the tornado had eyes and winked at me as it passed. Creepy I know, so I woke from the dream and fluffed it off knowing we could experience bad weather. My family is used to me being right.  We took the trip.  Our real world experience was the same that occured in the dream. Storms, trees down, blowing winds. My dream and reality were the same. The Tornado came so close to our car that if it had a face it could have winked at me!  I leaned close to my husband as it passed our car on the passenger side. The tornado traveled a short distance ahead, about two car spaces, lifted the big semi we were behind into the air and dropped it on the other side of the road. Close Call!  

Police Cars

In a dream, my father was floating over his bed. I woke knowing he was passing and contacting me. I look at the time, it was a little after three, I closed my eyes. A couple hours later I got the call that he had passed in his sleep. Some years later, my Mom entered my dreams being rushed to the emergency room. She was outside sitting on top of an ambulance. I did not understand the dream until the reality took place. Time passed, I got a call to come to the emergency room. It was five o'clock in the morning.  The ambulance driver said she was being lifted into the ambulance and she passed on the lift. She never made it into the ambulance.  

Slot machines


Once I dreamt that I won $10,000 at a casino. When I woke I told my husband. He said, "Pack a bag and let's see what happens". So we drove to Shreveport. I picked a machine and my husband sat next to me, we started playing. Within a few minutes we both hit $800. He decided to stop and went upstairs but I kept playing.  After he left I hit $2000 but I was also spending to play. I played from 6pm until midnight at which time I had $5000. But the dream was $10,000 so I kept going. Suddenly I hit a $5000 jackpot! I walked out that night with $10,000 just like my dream.

Dreaming of Pa Pa


I deamt of PaPa before and after his passing.  The first dream revealed the date and tme of his passing. He seemed ok at that time but I shared this dream with my family.   A month later I dreamed a train was coming to get Pa Pa, he was in the caboose. No one else was on the long train.  The very next day a nurse came to Mom and Dads house.  The nurse said he only had short time left and we should prepare.                Pa Pa passed on the date and time in my dream.

He came back to my dreams after he passed.  He rang the doorbell. I got out of bed and went to look. I saw him standing on our screened in porch.  He was looking at me and I at him.  In the reality of the dream he turned and walked down our sidewalk with the blanket wrapped around his shoulders.  I got out of bed to meet him.  This was not just a dream. It was an amazing experience.

It Started in a Dream

Sand Dunes


Another dream coming soon.

Sand Dunes


Another dream coming soon.

Another dream coming soon.


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