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Meet Sandy Winnette
Past/Present Career

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Sandy Winnette purchased one deck of Tarot cards and was elevated in her career to being a 5 Star Psychic.  The timing was right for her to evolve and become a teacher of metaphysics.

During the 1980's and 90's Sandy worked for Fun Ed Learning Center and The Original Learning Annex in Dallas.  Sandy created classes for both of Fun Ed's adult learning centers and for the Learning Annex with a large attendance in all classes spanning fifteen years. Hypnotherapy, Past Lives, Know Your Aura, Change Your Mind and Change. During these years Sandy worked the Wellness Expo's and gave talked on Psychic Development. Today she is also a reader and speaker. See Event Page 

Medical staff and doctors alike called upon Sandy to help them understand metaphysics so they could connect better with patients. She sat on a panel with doctors and interacted by invitation as the voice for a group with medical and clergy. 

Internet Psychic Phone Lines
Sandy went to work for the first psychic phone line company known as Psychic Friends in the 90's.

The internet was new. As a tarot reader and instructor for Fun Ed her metaphysical career expanded into phone line readings. AT&T was keeping its eye on the new companies and Sandy was monitored without knowledge. AT&T gave the company a great report back about Sandy. The new psychic company was happy and mailed a copy of the report to Sandy with pride and thanked her (see that report below-click the first box). Sandy was one of ten readers selected to be advertised and on the front of the magazine. It was a fun and amazing experience to be first with the leaders in the new psychic age and setting the foundation
for others to follow.

Fairs and internet 

Sandy had her own psychic business before the internet. She held Tarot house parties and worked for Country Connection and other clubs over the years. Sandy worked and was friends with the late John Catchings, Psychic investigator. She was a reader for "The Dallas Psychic Fair", on the first Sunday of every month, for 25 years. Sandy works the Fort Worth Stockyard Holistic Fairs today located next to Billy Bob's Texas. If you don't find her there she is a phone reader for them on fair dates.  Sandy has been associated with large internet companies helping people who call the phone lines. She works seven days a week taking calls.

Sandy is an active five star reader and speaker on all topics phone line. 
Sandy worked the Wellness Expo when there was only one event and today the Wellness Expo has several events in Texas. Sandy Winnette is still working the Wellness Expo at Grapevine doing reading and teaching classes. 

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