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Do You Love Tarot?

Meeting Sandy 

Tarot was a career that has taken me a long way ..   

This photo was taken at a hudge event in the

1980's and I was always at events of some kind.

I worked Country Connection on N W Hwy every

weekend. There was a line of people wating for me

when I walked in the door. I did my own calling

around to events and ask them if I could work

there because it was entertainment for people

that were already there.. I was always busy making

money and I was not worried about the sound of

music in backgrounds because I already knew

I had a pedistal table and could stand up next to the person. That is how that is done! Nobody told me anything,, I just knew intuitively. I have often thought I was born do all of this because I never took a class and it never crosses my mind to seek out help from anyone. I  remember  when I put a small add in the Denton newspaper, telling people I am offering Tarot house parties and my phone rang off the wall. That was just crazy fun, because it was just an idea so when I booked my first house party  and I was successful in all that I touched.

 That Newspapers back in that day wrote big articles in the paper and of course I have colleded them over the years. So if you want to read as a professional you have to allow yourself to be public. You have to trust you and follow what you are feeling. Read this because I am writing it for you. 

My  TAROT STORY In The Newspaper Handed Me My Career. 

Tarot cards came from a mark down sale and I purchased out of feeling I should. Inside the larger box and no instructions.
Over the next couple of months I found myself studing the art work of the tarot. I focused on the Major Arcana and without hesitation I knew things and would get ideas and know I had to listen to my thoughts. Owners like Bill from Fun Ed Learning Center and the staff opening this amazing location in Dallas asked me if I would create classes for them because new customers had asked about hypnosis and tarot and Auras so I said Yes and I created classes for them and for the original Learning Annex. 

Fun Ed wrote me this letter two years after I was asked to create these classes.
Below is the class description for Tarot. Other info will be added soon. 


Fun Ed Tarot Class
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