Mother and daughter Lindy on vacation in Martha's Vinyard.

In the Heart of the Forest by Sandy Winnette


One of my clients asked me to explain the aura. I told her the best way for me to explain is by example. When I am doing a reading, I see bands of light around a person that are moving. Sometimes there is only one and sometimes there are several. I do not have to physically see the person to view these energy bands. If I am on the phone with the client, I can still see these bands of energy and color. The aura is like a hula hoop on a child who has it spinning around the body. If I see this hula hoop of energy with things attached to it, I tell my client what I see. If I see an energy hoop slowing down, it tells me the person is tired and has emotional things to deal with. Sometimes I see th


My dreams are always in vivid color. As a child, I had dreams of Jesus, who became a mentor in my life. I believed in Jesus and prayed to God simply because they were so present in my dreams and absolutely real to me. I look back on my dreams and I see them as a pathway. I feel blessed by my dream experiences, which have led me to understand that we are not alone. Dreams, for me, are a porthole for information, from other dimensions or possibly from other time periods. Many cultural traditions accept that dreams offer insight and I find this to be true for myself. I have noticed that I can even dream two dreams at what seems to be the same time. I dream in black and white, sometimes, in col

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