Mother and daughter Lindy on vacation in Martha's Vinyard.

In the Heart of the Forest by Sandy Winnette

When in Doubt, Don't

If you are planning your wedding, and you are not happy, STOP. Most of the time if a woman is not happy with what she is planning, she will not be happy after the wedding either, and she will always wish she had done her wedding another way. It is worth doing what you want. Seek out something that is comfortable to you both. If you can't agree on a location, wait. If you are arguing over a location, the fun gets taken out of the entire occasion. Wait. Sometimes waiting a few days or few weeks can make a difference. Most men want their bride to have her heart's desire. Just give him a chance to do it right with you. Tell him what you would like to have and let him think and process wha

Lost Minister Gets Help In Night Club

I worked many night clubs doing Tarot Counseling in the years before the internet came along. This was very common in the 1980's, and the clubs were eager for a reader to be present. The music was loud, smoke would be heavy in the air, but troubled people were plenty. One night, a man and a woman came to sit with me, wanting a reading together. I had never seen them in there before.Both seemed very sad. As I had each of them shuffle the cards, I had a vision. I saw a church and its minister on a Sunday morning. I told them of this vision. They looked at each other and hugged and got tears in their eyes. The man shared with me their story. He was a minister of a church, the woman was his wife

Counseling Helps A Young Man Go Home

Years ago, I was working in an angel gift shop for the weekend - set up in the back room to do Tarot readings. This was a service the shop liked to offer on weekends, and I was usually pretty busy. A young man entered the shop and wanted to speak with me. I was free at the time, so he came straight back to my table and stood there, looking very lost. He was about 23 years old, tall with dark hair - a nice looking young man. He told me he was confused and needed help. He proceeded to tell me his story. He was searching for answers. He lived and worked with his family in Florida - his parents owned a business. His father expected that one day his son would run that same business. As he t

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