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Lost Minister Gets Help In Night Club

I worked many night clubs doing Tarot Counseling in the years before the internet came along. This was very common in the 1980's, and the clubs were eager for a reader to be present. The music was loud, smoke would be heavy in the air, but troubled people were plenty.

One night, a man and a woman came to sit with me, wanting a reading together. I had never seen them in there before.Both seemed very sad.

As I had each of them shuffle the cards, I had a vision. I saw a church and its minister on a Sunday morning. I told them of this vision. They looked at each other and hugged and got tears in their eyes.

The man shared with me their story. He was a minister of a church, the woman was his wife and he had become angry over an illness of their child. He had turned away from God. I asked them why they were here drinking and obviously not happy doing so. I told him that the message was for him to stay with his church. He told me, “I know God has you here for people like me.” His wife told me how at one time they would have talked against people like me, who are psychic. This minister then said to me that he knew what his lesson was - not to judge God and people who work for God incognito. I said thank you, and we all smiled.

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