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Alien Seeds

Allow yourself to live and think outside the box of what your were taught to believe.

Seasons come and seasons go as our thoughts and views age with time. Is time what we choose to live in or is it time that lives within us? What if there is no beginning, no end? Memories journey on to distant worlds. Journeying beyond what is accepted in our daily reality of the present moment.

Can you accept your life path as a part of other worlds that are in constant re-creation by our accepted thoughts? If you can it would take you to a place of accepting your alien experiences and more because you can understand who you are and have always been.

The spiritual seeds of growth tell you who you are today. Let’s accept that you are the winner in the race to earth, the strongest to have survived the journey. You are from the stars and have always been a collection from other worlds of thought.

You have always been loved! Creators from other worlds loved you enough to explore and start again and again the life path from the stars to earth. Perhaps one day, generations from now, there will be other places in space where we find new solar systems and we are the ones to scatter life of plant and people and create again and again.

This is not all there is, and it has always been watched from above. We will do the same. We were created in their image and we have free will to allow ourselves to accept. Therefore we as the unknown could be Gods to others in years to come! We will travel with our UFO friends as we advance beyond fears and become UFO Gods from the Stars. It has always been our calling and the time has come for our future generations to travel and scatter the seeds of what we have created today into new worlds. Yes, it is the time of man here on Earth and you must adapt the best you can and prepare to accept the future.

Best to make yourself ready and look forward to the journeys ahead into new worlds of time and beyond time because it will be our seeds that will be scattered throughout the Universe.

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