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Meet Hologram

During aura classes, in meditation, the spirits explained to me that they were not of the same body and told me "refer to me as 'hologram '". To "meet hologram" is to explore the coded language of life, death and beyond! To think outside of the box. To listen to what enters your mind and trust your inner being. Hologram taught me that our bodies are like space suits and when the body can not be repaired, you leave the flesh. Now the new "hologram" body transforms into energy and appears to look like an aura full of light and color.

Intuitive people can often see someone's aura but only the edges. You don't experience the full beauty of the "hologram" aura until after death. According to Hologram's teachings the light inside us on earth shines around us, but when we pass through the last moment in life, and take our last breath, the journey has just begun and our new lights are more colorful and we enter Life in another world of worlds.

Out of darkness comes light.

Love Gabe


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