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Psychic Neighbors

Look around, we have psychic neighbors everywhere!

It has become a huge community and one of the largest positive movements known to this date.

But WOW...have things changed!

Jobs, opportunities everywhere and the new generations do not fear what anyone thinks. This new wave of thinking comes in part from the internet and good or bad it has helped the psychic world in many ways. So lets explore! If we go back in time before computers were part of our world, psychic neighbors were shunned and lived in fear of what others would say. If you were friends with a known psychic or seen visiting one... JUDGEMENT!

I lived and worked in a time where some people shunned psychics while others were coming to my classes wanting to learn. It was a crossroads in the 80's with big successful psychic fairs while skeptics were everywhere ready to bash, joke and even threaten. I know first hand because I received a threatening letter for teaching a tarot class. The letter was delivered to Fun Ed Learning Center, my classroom that day, just before I went in to teach a full class of Tarot students about overcoming fears and judgments.

Going to Salem a few years ago with my daughter was a great experience, both for our psychic journey together and our yearly "exploring different fun locations" trip (it's a mom/daughter thing we do every year). We had such a good time we went back with my husband and grandson and will return again one day. It's always interesting to visit Salem and explore the township, museums and plays. We learned about the townspeople and how the law of the land put men and women in jail, took away their belongings and then executed them just because someone openly said, you might be a witch. Really! Thank goodness times are different or many of us would not live long. Point is lets be thankful for the modern changes that have helped to remove fears. Our psychic neighbors, that's you and me!

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