Mother and daughter Lindy on vacation in Martha's Vinyard.

In the Heart of the Forest by Sandy Winnette


John Catching (see blog post of 23 September 2016) was a psychic police detective in the 1980’s and 90’s. He is no longer living, but he and his mother, Bertie, both worked on cases in the Dallas area. Both mother and son have a legacy of psychic ability; John was featured on TV shows such as Unsolved Mysteries, Secrets of the Unknown, and the Today Show. John drew a crowd everyplace he worked, including his own two day psychic fairs. John held seminars and would often pass objects around in the classroom for each person to hold and feel the energy. He would ask us to give him our feelings from holding these objects. Psychometry is what John called this ability. Psychometry will help you

Psychic Fair History

Psychic fairs began to be popular in the early 80'sand even though I knew I would read for the first fair I applied to, I was actually asked to simply take tickets. The organizer of the event was John Catching, a well known psychic that often worked with police. John told me I could help with the fair, but I could not read because it was a full house. I told him I knew I was going to be reading that day. I knew it. I arrived early on that Saturday morning, as all the psychic readers – tarot, astrology, handwriting, psychometry, spirit guides – were setting up. The people were lined up and they were peeking inside to see who was going to be reading. As the crystal balls shimmered with possi

In The Nick Of Time

This dream happened many years ago, but recalling the experience still gives me psychic shivers. I dreamed about a man who had been in a car wreck. The man told me he was going to die. He told me, “I don’t want to live. Let me go.” I awoke crying and was upset all day. However, nothing happened to anyone I knew – so I thought perhaps this was not happening in my reality. This is sometimes the case. I was moving and getting settled. The next morning there was a knock on the door. It was a new neighbor who wanted me to check in on his roommate who had been in a car accident. My new neighbor needed to get to work and I needed to take my daughter to school, so I told my neighbor that I would che

Each of Us is a Child of God

Each of us has a calling When you allow your child to be open to the psychic world, you may discover your child can hear and see things that you do not. The intuitive world is beautiful and it exists. Your child might see it. I certainly did. A great many of my clients reveal they have had experiences with the intuitive world, especially as children. I was lucky to have had a mother who was not afraid of the psychic world and a father whose family validated my psychic identity. We live in a culture that discounts things that are not proven. At one time, the world was believed to be flat, the sun revolved around the earth. While these beliefs are no longer held to be true, there are countless

Quick Update on the Gas Leak

The gas lines have been replaced. But Lindy started feeling ill yesterday morning and the day before. She thought she smelled gas and her head was stuffy. She thought it was silly because the gas lines had just been replaced so it was a safe as it could be - right? She turned on the TV and the first thing was a commercial - " a spark is like a match to gasoline." or something like that. Lindy understood that this was a sign and called the gas company emergency number. They came out y and checked her house. YES, there was a gas leak in the kitchen. When they replaced the lines, the connector in the kitchen had not been tightened. Lindy paid attention to her warnings, and called for hel

Good Team Work Saves Lives

My daughter Lindy lives in my mother’s house. After my mother passed, my husband and I completely renovated the modest house and lived there for a number of years ourselves. When we wanted a larger place, my daughter moved into Mom’s house. Lindy and I are very close and as you might expect, we each have keys to the other’s home – for a lot of practical and personal reasons. When Lindy and I went on vacation in early July (see previous post), I gave the keys to my husband, so he could feed her cats and be sure everything was fine. Last week, I drove over to Lindy’s house to meet her – we were going shopping together. She wasn’t home yet, and I was going to go inside when I found I didn’t

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