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Each of Us is a Child of God

Each of us has a calling

When you allow your child to be open to the psychic world, you may discover your child can hear and see things that you do not. The intuitive world is beautiful and it exists. Your child might see it. I certainly did. A great many of my clients reveal they have had experiences with the intuitive world, especially as children.

I was lucky to have had a mother who was not afraid of the psychic world and a father whose family validated my psychic identity.

We live in a culture that discounts things that are not proven. At one time, the world was believed to be flat, the sun revolved around the earth. While these beliefs are no longer held to be true, there are countless examples of unexplained non-linear information used to help solve problems and mysteries and to predict outcomes. We need to learn individually and collectively what intuitions and gifts to trust.

Children are born gifted with psychic senses. Extrasensory perception is a part of the nature of every human being. Allow your child to develop psychic skills, accept their gifts, provide ways for them to expand with their ability and don’t fear their dreams and thoughts.

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