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Known As - George's Girls - 2019

On Feb 4th 2019 I got an email from a young woman wondering if I was related. Her mother had just joined and found my name. She asked me to please call her mom. I had only joined a couple of years ago and was surprised by the contact. A short time later I reached out to her mom. I said my name is Saundra and she said, "I am your sister Kathy".

You have to realize we are two ladies in our 70's. We were both blown away to realize we were sisters. Kathy seemed excited yet upset at the same time realizing her father was my father. The plot thickens as we speak. Both of us were kept in the dark all of our lives.

Our meeting soon took place in July and five days together brought peace and closure. Sitting there eating ice cream like kids or holding hands as we walked and talked, a healing, an ending and understanding came to a old situations. We are better because of our meeting. A life of lies uncovered because of ancestry and a new way of seeing the situation healed us both. We were George's girls and just maybe he needed a healing and understanding as well.

We part ways knowing we may or may not ever see each other again. Kathy dropped me off at my beach house the last day and as I walked down the path under the palm trees I paused and looked back at her watching me leave. We both knew what we experienced in those five days was guided by three angels.

Peace be with you, and also with you!

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