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Snow Angels

Cathy Scofield July 20, 1951 - June 16th, 2017.

Meet Cathy Scofield and her snow angel. She is my editor and my dear friend who traveled the world and was the editor of my children stories, but she quickly became my dearest friend. The last thing she said to me before her passing was, "I will be whispering in your ear", and as she grew tired and was ending the call I said, "I will be seeing you in our dreams."

Remembering Cathy: On one of our projects for a children's book I wanted a snow angel for the cover. I called Cathy and was trying to figure out where to find a good snow angel photo. She laughed, saying she was in a blizzard at that time and would go make me a snow angel as soon as the storm passed. We had a good laugh about the fact that I needed a snow angel and she was in a snow storm, and she sent me several wonderful angels to choose from for my book cover. This story captures Cathy's joy of living and playful nature--she experienced life fully and embraced every opportunity to dive into a new experience!

How did we meet? I dreamed about meeting Cathy weeks prior to our event and we talked about our meeting and adventures over the years on blog talk radio. It is not uncommon for me to dream about a person and meet them and so it was with us and that was eleven years ago. I was flying to meet with my daughter Lindy in Kauai and had taken my seat on the plane. I had already had a dream that I would meet my editor so I did not have to look for one any longer. I looked up and saw the lady in my dream walking towards me and I knew. The funny part of this was that I did not want to be taken off the plane so when she sat by me on the isle seat and nobody took the seat in the middle I had no doubt. Once in the air I leaned over and asked this stranger if she was an editor because I dreamed about a lady who looked like her who did editing and I was a psychic. She looked at me and said, "yes" and she went on to tell me she edited metaphysical material. We have laughed about that for years as we became best friends and in her own words sisters. Cathy edited my children books that you can find in the children center. She edited all the stories on the blog and so much more. She visit my family several times over the years at holidays and we all love her. For Cathy and myself, we did not meet in the usual way so we both knew our relationship spanned time and beyond earth and that is where we meet again.

I find it interesting that Cathy made the snow angel for my book and she worked on a book title called Snow Angels Always Fade Away. It seems this was her destiny all along ..and she returned to me in a dream just days after she passed.

My dream after the passed: I dreamed we were sitting at a white table with white light all around us. I knew I was visiting her. She was looking around and talking. She was happy. I was with her but the light shown on the table and I was still in not complete in her light. I was myself watching myself visit her and I woke with the memory. The reason for the dream became clear very soon. Cathy passed in June and In July 2019 just days from her passing I was working out when I felt strange feeling and called the doctor. Long story short and another three months of test and several doctors It was confirmed to be cancer. It seems we both had cancer at the same time and did not realize it. I was not in her light at the table because this is where I was headed and would join her soon. She was showing me. I was given the gift to see and take action. I knew I had to fight and go forward with my daughter and son and grandson and husband. Cathy was always flying down to join my family for holidays. I started chemo October 20th. Lucky it was caught early enough for hope. If not for the dream I might not have taken the medical path but I decided along with my daughter and family to take the medical route along with the holistic path. Its a good combination. Our story is not done yet and nor is our communication. We will miss her this Thanksgiving and Christmas because this was our plan to visit again. Our friendship started in the clouds of a dream on an airplane years ago and remains with us. We were an extended family and all loved each other. It was an amazing journey writing the children books together and more. One things that was a bond for us besides the dreams was our love for animals. When I wrote Little Beth and the Snow Angel there was a chapter about Beth playing with her dolls. We laughed and gave Beth's dolls our names and Cathy named Beth's teddy bear Zbear. It was always fun just like her going out into the snow to make this snow angel for me to use on the site and our first book. Merry Christmas my friend

The snow angel on the spiritual garden is Cathy's snow angel.

Cat as I called her made several snow angels Christmas holiday after a big storm in 2006 and we used it for the website and book.

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