Mother and daughter Lindy on vacation in Martha's Vinyard.

In the Heart of the Forest by Sandy Winnette

Changing Realities

My reality had been changing from the time I was born. My mind could visit other planets and come back again. As I matured, I realized I do not fear the unknown and this allowed me to develop intuitively. I have had paranormal experiences every day of my life. Living in the subconscious mind and super conscious mind is where I am when I do readings or have these experiences. Other psychics I have known have expressed similar experiences. Using your intuitive side is like deciding to join a health club and working out to build great abs. I work out every day several hours a day doing readings. I do not view myself as a medium, yet I am aware that I have these skills. I prefer to do a read

Wedding planning - Happy to BreakUp to Forever After

This story is from my Wedding Coordinator and Coaching experience. A couple came in to select a wedding and reception package. They started out happy, and it turned into an argument and breakup within the hour. That is how fast a relationship can crash. This was a professional couple who had great careers. She was an attorney, doing well and he owned his own business. When I met with this bride and her groom, the two really liked the idea of a wedding chapel and reception hall together. They both fell in love with our location. The two of them took a look at a wedding package that included the wedding and reception, the outdoor gazebo area set-up, DJ, wedding cakes for bride and groom

The 'Vacation' that was waiting for us in July 2016

My daughter, Lindy and I took a vacation to Martha's Vineyard at the beginning of July 2016. Little did we know that this would be a psychic experience for Lindy. We made plans back in November, finding a house to rent, getting our flights, arranging for a rental car. Before we left, Lindy began to look online again for pictures of the house we rented. No matter what she did, another house always showed up instead of the one we had arranged for. We laughed and wondered why we kept getting the 'wrong' house showing up. When we got to Martha's Vineyard, the house in the picture on in the internet was across the street from the house we had rented. We noticed and pointed and laughed. We

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