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Changing Realities

My reality had been changing from the time I was born. My mind could visit other planets and come back again. As I matured, I realized I do not fear the unknown and this allowed me to develop intuitively. I have had paranormal experiences every day of my life. Living in the subconscious mind and super conscious mind is where I am when I do readings or have these experiences. Other psychics I have known have expressed similar experiences.

Using your intuitive side is like deciding to join a health club and working out to build great abs. I work out every day several hours a day doing readings.

I do not view myself as a medium, yet I am aware that I have these skills. I prefer to do a reading and if the information wants to come in freely, I pass it on to the client. I accept anything can happen. I have never once in all my years felt afraid of anything revealed in a reading. Fear blocks learning. If you remember that, you will understand others may fear things you do not. Think of the race car driver on a track with all those cars speeding around to win a race. I have no intention of getting in a race car going over 100 miles per hour. However, there are people out there that make a living doing this very thing.

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