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Known As: The Letter - 1942

The story begins with a letter that came during the baby's first Christmas. It is about the effect that letter had on a couple and the future of a child who suddenly became illegitimate at the stroke of a pen. The letter and the law of the state at that time states that Dorothy should have been 21 years old before she married. Therefore the Justice of the Peace had no authority to perform the ceremony. Neither the marriage nor the baby was legal according to church, state and social circles of that time.

George and Dorothy Manley were married on February 14th 1942

Saundra Lee Manley was born September 11th 1942

The letter was typed and mailed December 11th 1942

Saundra's birth certificate was amended September 28th 1949 to read

"Known as Saundra Lee Bradley".

Saundra's last name was changed to her mothers family name of Bradley.

This was the first name change.

Known as will follow Saundra all of her life in an unusual way.

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