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Butterflies and Cancer

Lindy and I love to have fun and travel together as you can see on our blogs. A new trip is planned soon but not one we expected to take.

Lindy wanted me to get a well woman test done. I didn't want to take the test, so we decided to take the test together. Lindy's test came back with concerns and a need for more testing. Mine was fine.

She was back and forth to the doctors with testing and during this time she had dreamed about a beautiful butterfly tattoo on her arm.

The butterfly was in thyroid colors and she knew something was not right. Today she has accepted the butterfly in her dream told her before the testing results had returned that she has cancer.

I get psychic chills typing this message. When she told me about the butterfly, I asked her where was the butterfly in her dream. She said it was on the inside of her arm - close to under her arm. We both knew the butterfly represents to get that thyroid out asap!

This is a different kind of journey but the most important one we have ever taken together. So we have packed our survival backpacks and leave the path to forge a new trail. If you see a butterfly nearby, consider it a post card saying everything is alright!

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