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The 'Vacation' that was waiting for us in July 2016

My daughter, Lindy and I took a vacation to Martha's Vineyard at the beginning of July 2016. Little did we know that this would be a psychic experience for Lindy. We made plans back in November, finding a house to rent, getting our flights, arranging for a rental car. Before we left, Lindy began to look online again for pictures of the house we rented. No matter what she did, another house always showed up instead of the one we had arranged for. We laughed and wondered why we kept getting the 'wrong' house showing up. When we got to Martha's Vineyard, the house in the picture on in the internet was across the street from the house we had rented. We noticed and pointed and laughed.

We got settled, groceries and errands, and the next day, the lady from that house introduced herself. She and Lindy made an immediate connection. We ate lunch with her and she talked about her house being haunted, and about how her 13-year old daughter wears a crystal. Lindy and I shared a glance of understanding about the haunted house and its showing up on the internet instead of 'our' house. Really, the stage was already set psychically for us to walk into this connection.

Lindy told our new friend about me and my psychic work. Our friend got very excited, talking about the psychic side of things, about the haunted house, about ghosts, about psychic abilities. She mentioned that she had some friends staying with her right then that were very intuitive. All of them were seeking confirmation of their psychic ability. Before they left for their home, we spent a morning with them. We talked about metaphysical topics. The girl came over to 'our' house for an hour and talked about various questions she had. I answered her questions openly, which will help her to grow in her own abilities and trust herself. Lindy and our new friend have stayed in touch. A connection made before we got there continues now for all of us.

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