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Good Team Work Saves Lives

My daughter Lindy lives in my mother’s house. After my mother passed, my husband and I completely renovated the modest house and lived there for a number of years ourselves. When we wanted a larger place, my daughter moved into Mom’s house. Lindy and I are very close and as you might expect, we each have keys to the other’s home – for a lot of practical and personal reasons.

When Lindy and I went on vacation in early July (see previous post), I gave the keys to my husband, so he could feed her cats and be sure everything was fine. Last week, I drove over to Lindy’s house to meet her – we were going shopping together. She wasn’t home yet, and I was going to go inside when I found I didn’t have her keys. I sat in my car with the door open and found myself focusing on the big palm tree by the front door.

I was studying the base of the tree and remembering how I planted it there for my mom. It was a spot in the yard in which she always had trouble finding something that would grow. After she passed, I found a tiny palm tree and planted it in that spot. It was special because Mom loved Galveston, Texas, where we had a beach house many years ago. We would get up in the middle of the night and drive there – she loved the palm tree by the porch there at the beach house. These were thoughts I was having while I was waiting for Lindy to return home.

I walked over to the palm tree from the car, and placed my hand on one of the palm’s trunk ‘hands’. (As the tree grows and the palm leaves are cut back, it creates a shape of a hand or a cup shape.) I talked to the tree, with my hands on its ‘hands’ and felt I should also ask my mom what the tree wanted me to hear. I felt something, but what was it? I walked slowly around the tree and then I got a slight smell of what I thought could be natural gas. But it wasn’t strong, and then it wasn’t there. My thoughts drifted to years earlier when I as a young girl was in the yard of another house and smelled that smell. I called the gas company then and there was indeed a gas leak.

This time, the odor was so slight, I dismissed it. Lindy drove up and we got busy with other things. A little later, I mentioned the palm and that I felt it was talking to me and told Lindy about the slight odor. Then Lindy told me about dreams she had been having over the last week of driving around the corner and seeing fire trucks at the house. The house was on fire.

Lindy called the gas company. They came out and yes, there was a gas leak. So they turned off all the gas to the house. It will be a big job to fix because all the gas lines in the house need replacing to bring it up to code.

Mom, thank you from me and Lindy. Thank you for our psychic gifts. Thank you for warning us in time. Good team work saves lives.

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