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When in Doubt, Don't

If you are planning your wedding, and you are not happy, STOP. Most of the time if a woman is not happy with what she is planning, she will not be happy after the wedding either, and she will always wish she had done her wedding another way. It is worth doing what you want. Seek out something that is comfortable to you both. If you can't agree on a location, wait.

If you are arguing over a location, the fun gets taken out of the entire occasion. Wait.

Sometimes waiting a few days or few weeks can make a difference.

Most men want their bride to have her heart's desire. Just give him a chance to do it right with you. Tell him what you would like to have and let him think and process what you are telling him. Remember, you might have been thinking about it all day and he just got the news. Usually this is the communication breakdown between men and women. In most cases, your groom does not know how to plan a wedding and reception. Give him time to digest what you have in mind for the wedding, and you will both be happier.

Excerpt taken from The Coordinator's Shoes - Sandy's book about weddings and relationships

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