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Counseling Helps A Young Man Go Home

Years ago, I was working in an angel gift shop for the weekend - set up in the back room to do Tarot readings. This was a service the shop liked to offer on weekends, and I was usually pretty busy. A young man entered the shop and wanted to speak with me. I was free at the time, so he came straight back to my table and stood there, looking very lost. He was about 23 years old, tall with dark hair - a nice looking young man. He told me he was confused and needed help. He proceeded to tell me his story.

He was searching for answers. He lived and worked with his family in Florida - his parents owned a business. His father expected that one day his son would run that same business. As he told his story, he also shared with me his fears. He had left Florida to come to Texas. His parents did not know he was going to quit and leave town. He had met some people his own age who had encouraged him to leave and join with them. After a week of being on his own, he was now low on funds for gas money for the nice car that his father had bought him. He knew his parents were upset, he was upset and he was worried about what to do. I showed him the different paths of staying in Texas and getting a job, perhaps at a local grocery store, or maybe returning home to Florida, facing that he would one day run the company. The two different options would play out very differently, but only this young man could chose what would be right for him. He had a life waiting for him. I told him I thought he should make a phone call to his parents and tell his family he was on his way back home. Furthermore, he could tell them he was sorry for causing them concern and that he would explain when he got back. I told him to fill his tank with gas and get a loaf of bread, some bologna, sodas and to leave. He said, “I know this is what I need to do.”

A boy left home but a man would return.. He smiled and thanked me. He wanted to know what he owed me and put all his money on the table. I took $20 and told him to get started on the road to home. If he ran into more problems, he could call his dad, but I thought he would feel better about himself if he made it on his own. He smiled and nodded.

His last words to me were, “My parents do not believe in psychics, but I wish I could tell them about you.” I smiled and said, “Maybe someday.”

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