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My dreams are always in vivid color. As a child, I had dreams of Jesus, who became a mentor in my life. I believed in Jesus and prayed to God simply because they were so present in my dreams and absolutely real to me.

I look back on my dreams and I see them as a pathway. I feel blessed by my dream experiences, which have led me to understand that we are not alone. Dreams, for me, are a porthole for information, from other dimensions or possibly from other time periods. Many cultural traditions accept that dreams offer insight and I find this to be true for myself. I have noticed that I can even dream two dreams at what seems to be the same time. I dream in black and white, sometimes, in color, and sometimes in sepia tones.

Often, before I fall asleep, I perceive what I will call spirits looking at me. As I fall asleep it seems that my dream world is allowing me to see it while I am not fully asleep. I am conscious and yet falling asleep. The same happens upon waking as well.

In many cases, dreams are a movie about what you have stored there, junk and all. You can dream many dreams in one night; one might be a junk dream and be distorted, another might be a dream of flying and yet another might be of a robbery taking place. You can awaken and have some recall and maybe you do not even remember flying but you get a flash of memory about the robbery. Later that week, perhaps, a robbery just like the dreamed robbery takes place. You witnessed the crime on a paranormal level. If you were placed in the right set of circumstances you might pick up on the crime in real life. There is never a certainty about something like this. It just happens. The more you work with your dreams, and talk with supportive friends or psychic counselors, the more you will have these kinds of dreams and understand how to interpret them.

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