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One of my clients asked me to explain the aura. I told her the best way for me to explain is by example. When I am doing a reading, I see bands of light around a person that are moving. Sometimes there is only one and sometimes there are several. I do not have to physically see the person to view these energy bands. If I am on the phone with the client, I can still see these bands of energy and color.

The aura is like a hula hoop on a child who has it spinning around the body. If I see this hula hoop of energy with things attached to it, I tell my client what I see. If I see an energy hoop slowing down, it tells me the person is tired and has emotional things to deal with. Sometimes I see the energy around the head like a band and other times I see it around the temples.

The colors in the aura are not always the same. I am in a constant state of change and so are you. The aura can and often will change as your thoughts and patterns of thoughts change during our conversation. We are encased in the physical body and when I see the aura I am seeing the essence of what you are that expands beyond who you think you are.

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