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Meeting in a dream

It was 2006. My mother had died, wishing for me to write her story, so other young women could take strength from my mother's challenges. And while I knew I could tell her story, I also knew I needed an editor - one who would be accepting of my metaphysical life and views. I didn't know anyone like this, but I had a dream. I dreamed about a lady with long full hair walking towards me. In the dream, I knew she was an editor and that she would be able to help me. When I awoke, I also knew I would be meeting this person.

Several months passed. I was flying to Kauai to visit my daughter; the direct flight commencing in Phoenix. I boarded, and my seat was the last row of the cabin, at the window. I settled myself and looked up and here was the lady of my dreams coming down the aisle. I got very excited inside. She found her seat and it was my row, on the aisle. No one filled the middle seat for this flight. I knew this was my editor, but I also knew to be careful introducing myself and the topic. But the flight was 8 hours long, plenty of time. I waited til we were in the air - I knew I would be taking a chance, but I had my dream to guide me. We visited, as strangers do and eventually, I told her I was a psychic. That felt daring to me, but it didn't seem to bother her. Then I told her about the dream. I said, if you are an editor, you might be that person. She laughed and said that yes, she did editing, and in fact was editing a metaphysical book for another author at that time. We talked and discovered that we had much in common. And that started our friendship AND professional relationship.

We live miles apart, but get together at least once a year, brainstorming new projects.

Two projects coming out in 2016 are:

In the Heart of the Forest

Christmas: The Naughty Letter

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