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In the Heart of the Forest by Sandy Winnette

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Alien Seed - Known As - Self Help Says

•Known As - the story of a runaway Mother and          how fate affected Sandy'a life.  

•Alien Seeds - insight from beyond the stars.

•Self Help Says - your positive thoughts create

  your positive world

•Dreams - Your dreams are a window to your heart.

Dreams - Windows to your Heart

Read about my dreams and learn what your dreams can tell you about yourself.  

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Music and fun for children.  Download your own snow globe coloring sheet and listen to the jingles Sandy wrote for the kids to sing.

New Book in the works....THE FASTEST UFO

Who pretended to be Santa?
A heart warming adventure keeps you wondering about a young boy who didn't think Santa would come to his house.. Magical!

This is the original winter holiday adventure. An inspirational children book for all ages.
A little girls dreams come true!

In the heart of the forest long ago magical things happen when Beth's snow angel comes to life!  Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring! A story for all seasons!

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