The Metaphysical Child

Sandy writes children's books with a metaphysical slant.

She wrote jingles and sing-a-long songs for the
popular Piggy Back Songbooks.


You can find her books on this website and for sale at various online venues.

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sandy snow angel good_edited_edited.jpg

Check out the Kids Page for music and fun for children. Download your own snow globe coloring sheet and listen to some of the jingles Sandy wrote for the kids sing-a-long song book.

Self Help for Adults

Sandy was the FUN ED Learning Center Instructor

for adult education in Dallas Texas. 

She taught Self Help Hypnosis, Change Your Mind Change Your Life

along with other special classes.

In addition Sandy taught Know Your Aura classes for the

original Learning Annex when it was located in Dallas, Texas


Fort Worth Holistic Fair Is Located By Billy Bob Texas