Meet Sandy

During the 1980's and 90's Sandy worked for Fun Ed Learning Center and The original Learning Annex in Dallas.  As one of the instructors she created her own classes for both adult education locations.  Sandy created four classes for Fun Ed and one for the Learning Annex with a large attendance in each class that spanned fifteen years. Hypnotherapy, Past Lives, Know Your Aura  and Tarot were part of the non-credit adult education classes.  

Doctors and therapist alike called upon Sandy to help them understand metaphysics so they could connect better with patients. 


Sandy was called upon to help doctors and therapist working with personality disorders.  One therapist asked Sandy to teach her class based on a book she had written titled:  Change your Mind and Change Your life. 


Over the years computers became the norm and Sandy went to work for the first psychic internet company. It was a perfect fit for her and she still works phone lines.

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