Reach into the stars with your mind and you will hear.
UFO Story.MP3

My experience with spirit communication was a creation from world to world. The star represents another place in time and travels. During the time this design was given to me I felt, as I followed what I was hearing, that the psychic world was in fact a form of communication into the worlds we often dismiss. Science looks for communication with other worlds like its way out there and beyond reach but it's right here in the people who are long range mental time

travelers often called psychics. Not all psychics are the same but I know I have communication so I expect others do too. 

I knew there was water in space long ago and have spoken about it on you tube. I have always dreamed about space. Over the last ten years they have been talking about water in space and now it is considered a fact.  I know its there and in many places. Even the rings of Saturn will play a role in the future because I have been taken there in dreams and meditation.